About Mothers Mary

We believe in challenging the status quo in every aspect of motherhood. We are inspired to create a better future. We do this by empowering and supporting moms to be their authentic selves, and providing them with the tools to break the molds and stigmas of society.

One of these stigmas is the use of plant medicine, specifically stereotypes around cannabis use. At Mothers Mary, we combat this by providing education and free access to medical treatment with cannabis.

The Mothers Mary Learning Center provides evidence-based education on CBD and Medical Cannabis to help manage specific diseases and conditions. Our 3-step approach includes our Learning Center, Virtual Clinic and Marketplace, which are accessible to all of our patients. The clinical team in our Virtual Clinic are made up of healthcare practitioners in Canada who are knowledgeable in Medical Cannabis. They have been working with Medical Cannabis patients on an ongoing basis and know which products to prescribe in order to help reduce symptoms, as well as improve quality of life safely and effectively.